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Toddler’s Development Areas

  • Language and Literacy Development

    • Using one or two words to label objects
    • Learning to express needs and wants
    • Building an understanding of words through reading
    • Encourage reading behaviors through daily story telling
    • Explore coloring, writing and simply making marks on a paper

    Social and Emotional Development

    • Develop interaction skills with teachers and other children
    • Build confidence and new skills through these interactions
    • Increase self-esteem by helping each other through playing and learning

    Physical Development and Wellness

    • A safe place to further develop walking and running skills
    • Playing game to develop coordination and building skills
    • An increased ability to control their growing bodies and multiplicity of actions

    Cognitive Development

    • Counting – identify numbers and count objects
    • Learn simple words through our daily puppet shows and story telling
    • Sort and classify objects according to different colors, texture and design

    Each day your child will discover things using all five senses.  They will begin copying positive actions of the people around them; experimenting with the many educational toys we provide; exploring textures and colors.

    Toddler’s Programme will work together with you to create a happy time for you and your child

    Lets talk about how our Kid’s Programme  can help your child develop today!

    We Get Results. Our Students Get the Help Needed