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Early Learning Program

Early Learning Program

The Early Learning Program Helps Your Child to Succeed

In the Early Learning Program students range from Grade One to Grade Six and we put your child first.  Our program is designed to have a profound, and positive impact on your child’s early learning, now and into the future. This is the most critical and influential period of their lives so Fount of Education ensures that their learning is meaningful and relevant to what they are being taught at school; this helps to improve their grades and Grade Point Average. Classes are conducted by professional teachers active in elementary education.

Our program offers each child learning experiences that are appropriate to their grade level. We offer GLAT preparedness for students in Grades Three and Six.  We reinforce the basics of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic for Grades One thru Five as we aim to reinforce the basics which sets the foundation for future learning.

In Language Arts, we teach Spelling, Oral Reading, Reading Comprehension and Writing Skills.

Mathematics includes basic concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and word problems.

Science and Social Studies are available for GLAT students when requested by parents.

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