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Social Studies 1 for BJC A glossary of key terms from the past 10 years of Social Studies Examinations $12.50   Add to cart
Social Studies 2 for BJC Prepares students for the structure section of the BJC examination. It details our Bahamian history and the current social issues/challenges facing our country. This book is compiled from examinations papers from the past ten years. $12.50  Add to cart
English Language for BJC A step by step practice in the writing process for junior high students, extolling the “W’s” and the “H”.  What? When? Where? Who? Why? How?   Also included are BJC level comprehension passages that address Papers 1 and 2. $25.00   Add to cart
General Science for BJC Covers all topics in the science syllabus. The book also contains vivid pictures and BJC ecamination practice questions. $25.00  Add to cart
Health Science for BJC Contains clear illustrations of our body systems with explicit information and practice questions that are easy to follow.  The book covers the entire BJC syllabus $25.00  Add to cart
Religious Studies for BJC Has the topics laid out in a simple, uncluttered format to avoid students’ becoming confused. Color pictures are used to help with the teaching of particular subjects. Each topic is followed by practice examination questions. $25.00 Add to cart
Religious Studies for BGCSE A comprehensive study guide and examination review workbook.  It completely covers the BGCSE syllabus on Christian Perspective and Contemporary Issues in the one workbook.  Examination practice questions follow each topic. $40.00   Add to cart
Economics for BGCSE A complete review of BGCSE Economics, including unit by unit review of the syllabus and examination practice question. Guaranteed to help students attain excellent results $40.00   Add to cart
Konah           “A Novel” A Fount of Education Publication
To be a major motion PICTURE!
An International Thriller
$15.00   Add to cart