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Assisting Students In Educational Studies Is What Fount Of education Does Best

Since 2006 Fount Of Education has offered an invaluable enhancement program to students taking national examinations and those who simply need help and reinforcement in specific subject areas.

We are a team of highly skilled, experienced and certified teachers in the disciplines      of Mathematics, Science, including Physics and Chemistry, Language Arts, History and Social Studies.

Best of all we offer special programs for all school levels – Early Learning, BJC preparedness and BGCSE/College preparation.

Fount Of Education aims to help students succeed “by any means necessary.” We focus on building students’ self-esteem and providing the confidence they need to succeed.

Mission Statement

To inspire and empower our students through education; to provide an “affordable” solution for the educational challenges they may face.  We will give students the tools they need to excel and build a solid foundation for lifelong learning.  We are committed to a 100% pass rate in all national examinations

We Get Results. Our Students Get the Help Needed